About us

Our mission is to optimize supply chains of raw materials, equipment and machinery for chemical industry.

We gain the target with the following measures:

  • marketing researches;
  • finding of solutions with the best balance of price and quality;
  • supply of raw materials and equipment.

Our company has years of experience in managing purchases for large petrochemical enterprises and operating as a dealer of Asian manufacturers of chemical products on East European and Middle Asian markets.

Instead of simple re-selling of chemical products, we offer optimized solutions to reduce your expenses and improve quality of your products.

For our possible customers the following business lines can be of the most interest.

Finding of solutions for purchasing chemical products at best prices

Offer of chemical products on the market is very broad.

World market for chemical products is more than 40 000 of producers and millions sellers.

Some of the chemicals are produced by more than 100 manufacturers, thus the key point is to choose the most suitable one.

Other products are made by just dozens of companies. In this case, quite often it’s hard to get in contact with the producers and even harder to start cooperation.

Our company can assist in both cases.

Searching for analogues of expensive chemical products

If your production process requires large amounts of expensive chemical products, then purchasing of raw materials takes a substantial part in your expenses.

We can significantly minimize your expenses by finding NONAME products with the same specs and lower cost as high-priced branded products.

Sound logistic

Our company is your reliable partner, who can deliver hundreds of chemical products and additives. If your main supplier or experiences some difficulties, or there are some troubles with the logistic from particular regions, we can offer you the same product from another plant or region at the same or even better price, or other better options.

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